Generative AI

  • Customized Bot for Data Extraction for Invoices

Customized bot for extracting invoice data: In the past, I experienced the pain of manually registering invoices, a common struggle for accounts payable departments. But with our solution, powered by tools like Power Automate and Azure, we’ve simplified this task. Not only can it streamline invoice processing, but it can also handle medical supplies reports if required. Say goodbye to manual data entry woes and hello to efficient automation tailored to your needs.

  • Automate the request of goods (create automated purchase orders)

Too often, vital supplies are overlooked when ordering. With our Model, we can prevent this by triggering alerts for low supplies. Our system pre-fills purchase orders and seeks approval from the designated officer before sending the order to the supplier. Say goodbye to supply shortages and hello to efficient procurement processes.

  • Ai Chat

We’re capable of developing web, phone, or text assistants tailored to your needs. Our chat functionality extends to querying live databases, enabling us to provide accurate responses to both specific and general questions.

  • Automatic Creation of Goods Receipt

By integrating a scale connected to the internet and a camera with our model, we can streamline the Goods Receipt (GR) process. Our system retrieves purchase orders (PO) from the database and automatically generates the GR when the order on the scale matches the PO, saving time and reducing manual effort. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to seamless, efficient GR processing.

  • Forecasting Model of Consumption

We leverage Tensor Flow to develop a neural network that predicts future order needs based on various internal and external factors. By analyzing macroeconomic data, consumption patterns, and Allspire data, our model provides insights into purchasing behaviors, helping optimize inventory management and anticipate demand fluctuations. Say hello to smarter decision-making with our advanced forecasting capabilities.