Best Practices for Dealing with Your Data 

Whether you’re a large enterprise or a small business, you’ve probably been told that data is one of your organization’s more important resources. Fair enough. But if you’re not already actively using analytics to tap this resource, where do you start? While this blog post won’t teach you how to start an analytics process within your organization, it will provide some practical pointers on handling analytics whatever the size of your organization (or your institutional experience with them).[1] 1.- Consider More than Just Simple Descriptive Statistics Large datasets can be tough to handle, and whatever the data, you need a toehold into it to begin to explore it. But remember to move beyond simple, go-to descriptive statistics like mean or standard variation—they can mask important insights on your data and send you down blind alleys before you have even [...]

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Understanding the Value of Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) in the VMS Industry

Introduction The use of Business Intelligence is a current issue of great importance within organizations, with the aim of exploiting their information or generating important intelligence that provides strategic support of the business, to stay current in the market or discover new business opportunities. The process of data analytics involves several phases, starting from descriptive analysis and diagnostic analysis and culminating in predictive and prescriptive analysis. In this article I will focus on diagnostic analysis and how it relates to our VMS industry. The Challenge To stay relevant, any MSP/VMO program that is providing value should be performing continuous improvements of their operations (among other things). They need to be constantly looking at how they can introduce innovation and process improvements into their program. This means that often program teams are engaging in program improvement projects to “lower this [...]

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Exploratory Data Analysis (Visual)

Continuing from my previous post on the calculations to do when conducting Exploratory Data Analysis, in this blog post, I am going to discuss how to use visual to explore our data better. To reiterate here, the two main benefits of doing a good EDA is: Have a good understanding of data quality. We need high quality data to build good models. I told most of my students and trainees that data is never clean. We only get it to a quality level that we can use. Gain some quick insights into the project. Understand what are the potential drivers for supervised learning or possible patterns. These insights can be quick-wins to get more buy-in from other stakeholders. Assumptions: In this discussion, I am assuming that the readers have some background on variables (understand what is Categorical Variable or [...]

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6 Advantages of a boutique like service provider

When choosing a telecom service provider, you want to be sure you choose the provider that’s best capable to handle your business. And many automatically assume this means the service provider should be a big company. But being bigger doesn’t always mean better. Boutique like companies bring some important advantages to the negotiation table. In case you haven’t heard of this term before, boutique-like businesses refer to any business that services a specialized or sophisticated niche. And when comparing them to the big moguls, imagine a speedboat next to an oil tanker. 6 advantages So, what are the most important advantages?   Highly specialized and high-quality services As mentioned, boutique-like businesses usually handle a specific niche. This means they are highly specialized in what they do and have highly qualified employees handling their business. Therefore, they are much more [...]

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