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Exploratory Data Analysis and its Importance to Your Business

Most of the discussions on Data Analysis deal with the “science” aspect of it. Surely, there’s a lot of science behind the whole process – the algorithms, formulas, and calculations, but you can’t take the “art” away from it. Structuring the complete process – from planning the analysis, to making sense of the final result – is no mean feat, and is no less than an art form. That is exactly what comes under our topic for the day – Exploratory Data Analysis. In this article, we’ll be looking at what is exploratory data analysis, what are the common tools and techniques for it, and how does it help an organization. What is Exploratory Data Analysis? Exploratory Data Analysis is one of the important steps in the data analysis process. Here, the focus is on making sense of the data in hand [...]

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Best Practices for Dealing with Your Data 

Whether you’re a large enterprise or a small business, you’ve probably been told that data is one of your organization’s more important resources. Fair enough. But if you’re not already actively using analytics to tap this resource, where do you start? While this blog post won’t teach you how to start an analytics process within your organization, it will provide some practical pointers on handling analytics whatever the size of your organization (or your institutional experience with them).[1] 1.- Consider More than Just Simple Descriptive Statistics Large datasets can be tough to handle, and whatever the data, you need a toehold into it to begin to explore it. But remember to move beyond simple, go-to descriptive statistics like mean or standard variation—they can mask important insights on your data and send you down blind alleys before you have even [...]

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