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Exploratory Data Analysis (Visual)

Continuing from my previous post on the calculations to do when conducting Exploratory Data Analysis, in this blog post, I am going to discuss how to use visual to explore our data better. To reiterate here, the two main benefits of doing a good EDA is: Have a good understanding of data quality. We need high quality data to build good models. I told most of my students and trainees that data is never clean. We only get it to a quality level that we can use. Gain some quick insights into the project. Understand what are the potential drivers for supervised learning or possible patterns. These insights can be quick-wins to get more buy-in from other stakeholders. Assumptions: In this discussion, I am assuming that the readers have some background on variables (understand what is Categorical Variable or [...]

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6 Advantages of a boutique like service provider

When choosing a telecom service provider, you want to be sure you choose the provider that’s best capable to handle your business. And many automatically assume this means the service provider should be a big company. But being bigger doesn’t always mean better. Boutique like companies bring some important advantages to the negotiation table. In case you haven’t heard of this term before, boutique-like businesses refer to any business that services a specialized or sophisticated niche. And when comparing them to the big moguls, imagine a speedboat next to an oil tanker. 6 advantages So, what are the most important advantages?   Highly specialized and high-quality services As mentioned, boutique-like businesses usually handle a specific niche. This means they are highly specialized in what they do and have highly qualified employees handling their business. Therefore, they are much more [...]

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