When choosing a telecom service provider, you want to be sure you choose the provider that’s best capable to handle your business. And many automatically assume this means the service provider should be a big company. But being bigger doesn’t always mean better. Boutique like companies bring some important advantages to the negotiation table.

In case you haven’t heard of this term before, boutique-like businesses refer to any business that services a specialized or sophisticated niche. And when comparing them to the big moguls, imagine a speedboat next to an oil tanker.

6 advantages

So, what are the most important advantages?


  1. Highly specialized and high-quality services

As mentioned, boutique-like businesses usually handle a specific niche. This means they are highly specialized in what they do and have highly qualified employees handling their business. Therefore, they are much more able to deliver high-quality services. 

  1. More flexible and efficient

Companies like this usually have a lighter weight workforce. And getting things done with fewer people only works if it’s done efficiently. Questions don’t have to go through several departments, so issues can be solved much quicker. Decision-makers can easily be involved early on in a discussion and new developments can be started faster. You won’t find management lines getting in between here. 

  1. Personal contact

Boutique-like businesses are not likely to handle thousands of clients. They prefer to service a select number of large companies who understand the added value of working with a specialist. Their employees in customer service and operations usually know the contact persons of all their clients by name. And on top of that, when first meeting a boutique-like company, you are much more likely to be at the table with the managing director(s) as they often also handle sales. 

  1. Not suitable for everyone

Yep, that’s right. Boutique-like companies are not open to all kinds of clients. Possible clients need to have a certain volume of business to handle or otherwise, they will disrupt the way the company works. The limited number of employees isn’t equipped to handle thousands of questions per day. These companies much rather deliver high-quality service to a select number of big clients. This, however, doesn’t mean boutique-like firms are small in business turn-over. 

  1. Keep it simple

Because of the niche, they work in, boutique-like businesses often have a specific set of services they deliver. They don’t just do everything. So also, on their website, you won’t find elaborate descriptions and tons of pages to go through to find out what they do. They prefer to keep it simple. And that usually describes their way of working as well. Straightforward, delivering what they promise. Nothing more, nothing less. 

  1. Independent

All these advantages will only work if the company is independent. Most boutique-like companies have no big board of directors, multiple shareholders, advisory board or desire to be listed. The directors may very well be shareholders themselves, making it even more important the company does well as they have their own money invested in it. They want to remain independent, so they can make their own decisions and choose their own path.

Overall, if you’re looking for a flexible, easy-to-contact service provider that’s willing to go the extra mile, you are likely better off with a boutique-like (telecom) service provider. May we roll-out the red carpet for you?